The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) confirms closure by end of 2020.

Youth Economic Empowerment Through Agribusiness In Kenya (Vijabiz)


Ustadi and CTA have jointly implemented the project “Youth economic empowerment through agribusiness in Kenya (VijaBiz)” in the Nakuru and Kilifi counties in Kenya. The project aimed to create sustainable employment for rural youth through active engagement in agribusiness for wealth creation and poverty reduction.

More specifically, VijaBiz built entrepreneurship capacity for 163 youth agribusiness groups in cereals, dairy and fishery value chains in the Kilifi and Nakuru counties. The project facilitated the growth of youth-led enterprises through collaboration with innovative financial service providers, creating market linkages, integrating innovatively digital technologies and enhancing business management capacity.
The project, funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), CTA and Ustadi through grant number 2000001651, started in June 2018 and ran until October 2020. This synthesis presents an overview of VijaBiz’s main activities, outcomes and impact.

The Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report, 2018-2019

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"Digitalisation is crumbling all sorts of borders and African agriculture will be deeply impacted. Technologies can help stimulate innovation for sustainable agri-food systems and produce better and safer food while preserving natural resources and biodiversity. But we need to be conscious and support solutions that are sustainable and that are tailored to countries’ needs, and embedded into conducive and broader innovation systems." Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit at the European Commission, DG for International Cooperation and Development

The Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report, 2018-2019 - Executive summary

Agricultural transformation is a priority in the policy agenda of African governments in their quest to meet the challenges of food and nutrition insecurity, climate change, youth unemployment and overall economic growth. With the right policies, innovation and investment, the continent’s agriculture could be transformed into a powerhouse not only to feed a growing population but to create decent employment for millions of young people.

Supporting and Scaling Up Youth Agripreneurship in Kenya

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This working document present nine articles that discuss the issue of supporting the growth for young agripreneurs in Kenya, with recommendations for stakeholders. Its content goes beyond the VijaBiz project and includes analyses on other youth in agriculture initiatives organised in Kenya. The articles were written by independent authors who responded to a call for articles launched by the CTA and USTADI Vijabiz project. Some of the articles discuss independently VijaBiz project activities focusing on a county or on some groups.

Fruit growing in the tropics

With its combination of traditional knowledge and insights gained from research, the aim of this revised text is to foster your interest in, and understanding of, fruit growing. Although it does not highlight specific fruit crops, the text contains a wealth of information for home gardeners, growers interested in supplementing their income from fruit sales, extension workers and other advisers.

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