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Building a better E-agribusiness

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A business has to be social

Martin Stimela, co-founder of Brastorne Enterprises, which provides ICT solutions for African agriculture, shares his insights on some of the core components that make up a successful business model.


A promising new continent-wide trade agreement for Africa

The new African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) is expected to be a game changer, boosting inter-African trade, spurring manufacturing, and creating economic opportunities. But for its benefits to be realised, the details need to be negotiated; and Africa's leaders need to commit to AfCFTA for the long haul.


Going organic for chilli sauce in Zambia

Smallholder farmers across Zambia are supplying a local agri-processing company with organically-grown chilli and garlic to produce pesticide-free condiments for sale across the country, and southern Africa at large.


Developing a winning strategy

The rapid evolution of ICTs is providing new opportunities for young entrepreneurs in agriculture. However, there are many hurdles to be overcome before these fledgling agribusinesses become profitable.


Building a better e-agribusiness

The recent boom in ag-tech start-ups has helped to further agricultural transformation and improve farmers’ access to valuable ICT-enabled services. But to continue this progress it is pertinent that entrepreneurs design sustainable business models.

Field report

ICT start-ups for crop production and marketing

Private technology developers across the Caribbean are creating market information systems to help farmers make better decisions in the field and link them to new markets. These emerging e-agriculture business models are improving crop production and marketing, and increasing revenues for farmers and developers alike.


Digitalising Kenya’s dairy sector

New technologies are helping to transform dairy farming into an increasingly lucrative occupation for Kenyan smallholders. The use of digital weighing scales and solar-powered refrigerated transportation units are helping to minimise waste and maximise farmer profits.


Optimum feed ratios for livestock

In collaboration with nutritionists, software developers and farmers in developing countries, Dutch consultancy firm, Single Spark, has helped to develop an app that instructs farmers how to prepare the optimum livestock feed to meet their needs.

Technical scientific article

Don’t leave technology to the men

Dr Eleni Gabre-Madhin, CEO and Founder of blueMoon – Ethiopia’s first youth agribusiness incubator – shares her experience as a woman entrepreneur in Africa’s agricultural sector and stresses the importance that agribusinesses ‘think digital’.