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A high priority for agriculture

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Youth can bring a level of innovation to CSA initiatives

by Stephanie Lynch and Alex Miller

Ayesha Constable, the Jamaican National Coordinating Officer of the Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (JCCCP) and founder of Young People for Action on Climate Change Jamaica, explains the importance of recognising youth as agents of change capable of creating effective climate-smart agriculture (CSA) solutions.


Levelling Africa’s trade imbalance

Dr Ousmane Badiane, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Director for Africa, highlights opportunities to boost Africa’s intra-regional trade following the launch of the Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor 2018.


Putting farmers’ experiences into practice

By examining the driving forces behind increased agricultural trade, at global and regional levels, the Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor 2018 provides insight into the transformation of African economies. The success of intra-regional trade and improved global exports are studied against the backdrop of increasing African imports.


Paving the way for a new generation of farmers

Growing global youth populations could prove instrumental in developing climate-smart agriculture (CSA). But in order to achieve this, young people must have a say in decisions at every level – from the farm to the policy table.