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Ensuring food and income security by making farmers resilient to climate change

Partners in the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation’s (CTA) regional flagship project have unveiled country plans for promoting weather-index insurance and drought-tolerant crop varieties as part of resilient solutions for small…

by Busani Bafana


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Nov 23

CSA Project Implementation Review in Southern Africa

CTA in partnership with a consortium of partners from the public sector, private sector and farmers’ organizations have been implementing a project, which aims to contribute to increased resilience to climate change for smallholder farmers in the region, specifically in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia through the promotion of specific climate-smart agricultural solutions. About 18 parti…
Johannesburg, South Africa

Apr 11

Scaling-Up Climate-smart Agricultural Solutions for Cereals and Livestock Farmers in Southern Africa

Weather patterns highly influence agricultural activities in southern Africa and, in turn, the food security, nutrition and income of rural households. The high vulnerability to climatic change causes recurrent swings between food scarcity and surplus, which results in food insecurity for up to six million people.…

Jan 1

Enhancing Development through Cooperatives

Enhancing Development through Cooperatives (EDC) is a network of young African consultants led by CTA, which strives to build the "managerial capital" of agricultural cooperatives throughout Africa. EDC offers training events and consulting services to the leaders and managers of these cooperatives, in order to promote and facilitate the integration of African farmers in (inter)national…

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