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“Africa cannot afford to outsource our technical expertise when it comes to climate change”



Scaling-up climate-smart agriculture solutions

Impactful climate-smart projects and innovations, including agroecology techniques, alternative protein farming, and bundled ICT-enabled climate services, are building the resilience of agricultural stakeholders. To bring these interventions to scale, innovative financing, partnerships and enabling policies have a key role to play.

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CSA digital tools: meeting smallholder needs or beyond their capacities?

A global view

Press review

A byte at a time: Africa’s progress towards a digital agriculture future

Over the past two decades, Africa has overcome multiple obstacles to economic growth and eradicating poverty, registering a widespread progress. The gradual transformation of Africa’s food systems has been key to this process, but to sustain and accelerate growth—particularly in the face of demographic changes, urbanization, shifting diets, climate change and protracted humanitarian crises—a new set of innovative solutions is urgently needed.

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