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In the last 5 to 6 years, there has been a huge increase in new digital solutions coming into the market”

Michael Hailu, director of CTA


Farming a Smart-Tech future

Smart technologies and cutting-edge data gathering are slashing the costs of precision farming, boosting crop yields, and helping every farmer from smallholders to commercial giants.

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Is digitalisation helping to widen or bridge the gender gap in agriculture?

A global view

Business leaders

Business leaders


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African farmers increase yields and income with their smartphones

From drones and big data to financing apps, advanced technology can be a game changer.

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There are lessons to be learned to ensure technology is a force for good for Africa’s farmers


From delivery drones to self-driving cars and chatbots, technology may be rapidly transforming the way the world shops, works and interacts. But in Africa, digitalisation is on the cusp of sparking a far more important revolution.

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