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Lucas Simons

“Professionalism is the key to a lasting change in agriculture”

Lucas Simons, founder and CEO of SCOPEInsight, aims to transform agricultural markets and build sustainable agribusinesses. To achieve these ambitious objectives, he stresses that farmers’ organisations must learn how to run their farm as businesses.


Luc Christiaensen: Good data, establishing the facts in agriculture

Luc Christiaensen is the lead agricultural economist in the Jobs Group of the World Bank and project coordinator of Agriculture in Africa – Telling Myths from Facts. He discusses the findings of the research and the importance of up-to-date, accurate statistics for Africa’s agriculture sector.


Cale Ettenberg

Product Manager, FarmDrive

Drone regulation in Kenya: about to take-off

Worlali Senyo

Director of Growth, Research and Development, Farmerline Ltd.

Smooth ride for drone operators in Ghana

Abdelaziz Lawani

PhD candidate, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky

Benin’s drone regulations lag behind

Julius B. Adewopo

PhD, Research Fellow & Geospatial Analyst, IITA

Regulations and realities in Nigeria’s UAV airspace

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