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Dimakatso Sekhoto

From finance to farming

Dimakatso Sekhoto, co-founder of GrowthShoot, an enterprise which promotes youth employment in agriculture was one of the main speakers at the 48th Brussels Briefing which took place on 20 March. This event, co-organised by CTA, dealt with the issue of strengthening rural livelihoods in the face of rapid urbanisation in Africa. Dimakatso Sekhoto explained her plans to build stronger links between rural farmers and urban markets.


Dr Kanayo Nwanze: An inclusive approach to achieving the 2030 agenda

In his new publication, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dr Kanayo Nwanze, argues the case for collaborative innovations to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, and enable Africa to achieve rural development on its own.


Christine Frison

Researcher, University of Antwerp

A question of value

Paul Neate

Senior Programme Coordinator, Communication, CTA

More complex than it seems

Jean-Louis Pham

Researcher, ARCAD Resource Center

Let’s support conservation programmes

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