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Meet 6 young successful agripreneurs

Agriculture needs you

Very few young people see a future for themselves in agriculture. Attracted by the bright lights of the city, they often see agriculture as a hard life tied to the past and they turn away from working the land. They do not realise what the land can bring them -- including good livelihoods and success -- and what they can bring to the land: their energy, new technologies and scientific research and bright ideas for new businesses.

Do you need evidence? Read the story of six young people who started from scratch and have now succeeded in agriculture. Six young people who demonstrate so clearly that youth and agribusiness go together. Join them and us and be part of the transformation of agriculture. CTA is participating this month in the African Youth Agripreneur Forum in Nigeria. The Centre is also invited to discuss these issues during the G20 conference on ‘ONE World No Hunger. Future of the Rural World’ and this week releases a guide to help young people set up companies that employ new technologies.

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Joachim von Braun

The future of rural innovation

Professor Joachim von Braun, co-chair of the Malabo Montpellier Panel and co-chair for an international advisory group to the ‘One World – No Hunger’ conference, which is to be held in Berlin from 27-28 April 2017, highlights the importance of rural areas and the youth in combatting world hunger.


Dr Kanayo Nwanze: An inclusive approach to achieving the 2030 agenda

In his new publication, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dr Kanayo Nwanze, argues the case for collaborative innovations to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, and enable Africa to achieve rural development on its own.


Chris Addison

Senior Programme Coordinator, Data4Ag, CTA

Multiple uses: opportunities and challenges

Krishan Bheenick

Senior Programme Coordinator, Knowledge Management, CTA

A change in perspective

Muchiri Nyaggah

Executive Director, Local Development Research Institute

The value of intermediaries

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