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The regional grain trade in West Africa – an opportunity not to be missed

Bolstering West Africa’s cereal market could bring benefits for small-scale farmers and other actors in the value chain, as well as for large numbers of urban consumers. In the run-up to the West African conference: How to structure the grain trade in West Africa: which market instruments and public policy measures? CTA’s senior programme coordinator on value chains Vincent Fautrel explains the challenges and opportunities of the regional grain trade. The conference, jointly organised by CTA, AFRACA, ROPPA and WAGN, is due to be held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso from November 29 to December 1, 2016.


The cocoa value chain: a bittersweet affair

Marc Dufumier has written a foreword to an uncompromising report entitled The Dark Side of Chocolate where he promotes the idea of setting up a cocoa value chain that is more sustainable for growers and the environment.


Martin Prowse

Researcher on agricultural commercialisation, value chains and climate change

Do smallholders receive a fair price through contract farming?

Erinch Sahan

Private sector team leader at Oxfam GB

Fairer prices and wages through more farmer-owned enterprises

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Low farm gate prices: are processors and retailers the only culprits?

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