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Prof. Andrew Campbell

“A diversified farming systems approach is central to what we do”

Prof. Andrew Campbell, CEO of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), explains why long-term, multi-disciplinary projects with a strong gender component are key to his organisation’s new strategy


Farmers need confidence to take on new technology

Co-author of ‘Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture: Greening the World’s Food Economy’ and editor of the ‘International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability’, Professor Jules Pretty explores smallholders’ path towards sustainability.


Camille Bugnicourt

Camille Bugnicourt, Lawyer at FIDAL

Farmers just need to know where to look

Johannes Kotschi

Johannes Kotschi, Association for AgriCulture and Ecology (Agrecol)

Open-source seed as an alternative to patenting

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton, Head of IP, Seeds & Biotech at Syngenta

Advocating balanced intellectual property systems for seeds

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Can smallholder farmers benefit from intellectual property (IP) rights and patents on seeds?

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